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Flat Sweater Knitting Machine

Flat Sweater Knitting Machine

Product Specification

Flat Sweater Knitting Machine

Main technology parameters: 

  •  Needle distance: 5G6G7G8G9G12G14G15G16G
  •   Weaving system: Single machine header and double systems
  •   Weaving amplitude: 52inches
  •   Weaving speed: Adopt AC serivice motor to control, with 24 section of seletion. With a maximum speed of 1.2m/s
  •   Needle moving for needle bed: Adopt AC service motor and ball scerw control, with a needle random moving scope within 2inchs
  •   Weaving funcation: Triangle and combined type design, single or double needle turning can be carried out for single or double systems and wearing cinclude knitting elementdoubling stitchmissed loop
  •   Stitch fineness: With marching motor to control, with 24sections for selection, adopt subdivision technology adjusting scope: 0650, to more accurately control length of clothes piece
  •   Sinker systern: With marching motor to control, can adjust according to different fabrics, suit lots of decreasing and widening fabrics
  •   Sari system: Computer program instruction, with force distance motor to control and 24sections for selection, adjustin scope: 099
  •   Cotor-changing system: Feed mouth of 2*8group is equipped in left and right sides of four guide rail, and feed mouth can be switched at any position of cradle(special feed mouth equipment without image line enchase should be prepared)
  •   Protecting system: The machine will automatically alarm if breaking yarn, noodle, floating yarn, rolling, piece counting over, cardle moving not being corrected, needle foot firing and program failure appear during operating process
  •  Control system: Screen indication adopt LCD industrial screen and figue interface, with a EMS
  • Memory capacity of controlling system 128m, a great amount of bloon type files can be stored at the same time and they can be fetched out for use at any time as per production requirement monitoring menu, each kind of operating parameter can be shown, and they be adjusted at any timewhen the machine operations as much as possible
  •   Other: Head saddle is dialed with by heat and the body of bed is similar with Germany import
  •   Power: 220V, adopt advanced CMOS technology, having memorizing function at power-off moment
  •   Volume and weight: Length*weidth*height: 2800*900*2000mm, net weight: 1150kg

Product Code : TEXT112

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Factory Address: Songjadai Economic Developement Zone, Feiyun Town, Ruian, Zhejiang China
Office Address: No.608 Jingdou Ying Jia No.1 Changing Road Jiangdong District Ningbo Zhejiang China
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Sales Executive - Ms. Betty, Ms. Helen
Customer Care Manager:
 Ms. Jessie Wei
Service Engineer: Mr. Zhang Fei Phone:+86-13777083484
Key Personnal:
Mr. Milan Mobile :+8613567843786, +919716126049
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